Practical information

On this page you can find a collection of practical information for getting to the conference and for your stay in Glasgow. If you have any questions or would like further details about any of the below, please contact

Remote attendees

Please join the conference using the Zoom link you have been sent via email.


In-person: Due to the significant technical challenges in the smooth running of a hybrid conference, it is strongly preferable that all in-person presenters do their presentations from one computer which will be linked simultaneously to Zoom video/audio, the projector in the room, and (most importantly) a virtual “laser pointer” device that in-person and remote attendees will all be able to see. This computer will be a Mac, so to avoid any file format problems, the preferred presentation format is PDF, and the file should be sent to me at the address above before your session begins. If your presentation is unsuitable for a PDF then Keynote (Version 10.0) and Powerpoint (Mac version 16.49) will also be available but if you’re doing this then it’s probably a good idea to send the file to the organisers in good time beforehand so that anything like this can be checked (especially if you’d like to use Powerpoint).


Online: Please join using the Zoom link above and share your screen. Generally all remote talks are just after lunch or breaks, this is so that any technical or connection issues can be sorted out in the 5-10 minutes beforehand. Note that all times shown on the schedule are British Summer Time (BST), so that, for example, the conference begins at 9.15 BST/10.15 CEST.

In-person attendees

Coffee breaks: Coffee/tea and light refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon of both days of the conference.


Lunch: Participants are encouraged to explore the many cafes and restaurants the West End of Glasgow has to offer, some recommendations are provided on the map.


Conference dinner: On Monday 20th September at 19.30 there will be a conference dinner to which all attendees are invited. The venue is subject to slight uncertainty, this will be confirmed closer to the time.

Travelling to Glasgow

By air


You should fly to Glasgow International Airport (not Glasgow Prestwick). By far the most convenient and Covid-safe way to reach the hotel (Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor) from Glasgow International Airport is to take a taxi directly. There is no rail connection to the airport. The quickest way on public transit is to take the ‘500 Airport Express' bus from the airport to Dundas Street in central Glasgow (around 40 minutes), then go down into the Subway at Buchanan Street (look for the orange ’S’), then follow the ‘by train’ directions below.


By train


Glasgow has two central stations (Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street). The best way to reach the hotel (Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor) from either of these stations is to take a taxi. If public transit is preferred, go into the nearest Subway station and take an Inner Circle (i.e. anticlockwise) train until you arrive at Hillhead Subway Station. Upon exiting the station onto Byres Road, you should turn right and walk around 300 meters, when you will see the Hilton on your left (next to Waitrose).


[UPDATED] Getting from the hotel to conference venue

All presentations will be held in the Senate Room in the Gilbert Scott Building, which is the large building with the tower depicted on all the conference materials. This is an approximately 15 minute walk from the hotel, see map here. The conference room is right next to the tall tower depicted on all the conference materials, and which you can see from essentially everywhere in Glasgow. The best way to reach the venue is; coming out of the hotel onto Byres Road, turn right (towards Waitrose) and walk along Byres Road until you get to the junction with University Avenue. Turn left and walk up University Avenue until you get to the building labelled as the Main Gatehouse, at which point you should turn right into the University Campus. From here, walk all the way around the right-hand side of the main building, until you reach the south side of the building (where there's a car park, a view over Glasgow and a flagpole). Go in the main entrance at the bottom of the tower, turn right through the automatic doors, walk up the big stairs and then follow the "ICD-X" signs to the room. 

Testing for international arrivals


Those of you travelling internationally are required by law to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Covid test on or before day 2 of your visit. These are tests that you administer to yourself, and the testing kits are being provided by the organisers. The kits will be given to you on either arrival at the hotel or on the first day of the conference (this will be confirmed later). If you are arriving on any day other than Sunday 19th then please let the organisers know as your ‘day 2’ will be different. You will be required to take the test and put it in a postbox, or give it to the conference organisers to do so. Some days later (i.e. when you’ve already left) the results will be ready — this situation arises as a consequence of the law that unfortunately doesn’t foresee short visits. For the avoidance of doubt - any other testing requirements relevant to travel to/from particular countries remain the sole responsibility of the attendees.




Local accommodation at the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor is paid for directly by the conference funding. Travel for UK-based participants will also be paid for, but has to be initially covered by the participants then claimed back. Claim forms for this will be provided. International travel will only be covered in the (very) unlikely situation that there is some spare funding left, in which case junior participants' costs would be prioritised. Any additional nights in the hotel beyond the 19th/20th/21st September will have to be reserved separately and paid for by the attendees themselves. It is however possible to link two reservations together so that you don’t have to change rooms, to do this please contact the organisers at the address above